BUSINESS process management (BPM)

Business processes form the backbone of any organisation. They are vital to the optimal running of any successful business or company. Well defined & efficient processes help ensure that your products and services are provided on time, within budget and are of the highest quality.

Correct and effective processes will allow your organization to exceed the expectations of your clients and customers.

With efficient business processes, your organization can achieve the following goals:

  • Quick response to changing industry trends
  • Maximise staff efficiency
  • Be quicker to the market with new products or services
  • Process changes with minimum effort
  • Eliminate duplication
  • Less downtime due to training, illness or staff losses
  • Multi tasking of staff members
  • Clarification of all job functions

Questions to ask of your company or organization

  • When a staff member leaves, have you got a solution to retain the knowledge and skill of that staff member?
  • Is your organization faced with a loss of intellectual capital?
  • What if staff fall ill or go on leave for lengthy periods of time?
  • How long does it take you to document, edit and generate your training manuals?
  • How long does is take you to train new staff members?
  • How much time is spent constantly re training and upgrading staff?
  • Does your staff know exactly what their job encompasses?
  • Does your staff know who their superiors are, and who they actually report to?
  • Does your organization suffer from duplicated processes?
  • Do your staff members constantly bother you about what do to and how to do it correctly?
  • Do your staff members know where and how they fit in, in their organization/ department?

Are you able to state off-hand?

  • Who performs each activity in your organizations’ numerous processes?
  • Who is responsible for each of those activities?
  • How the work in each department is distributed?
  • Which documents, files, procedures & data are used where and when?
  • Who signs off or authorizes each task?
  • Where are computer applications used?
  • Where do legislation or performance indicators impact the organization, in which processes, departments, or business units?

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