We are often asked to assist clients with a variety of assignments, and are able to provide the following services:

Notwithstanding the variety of these assignments, our main focus remains the improvement of business efficiency and all the processes related to that goal.

We measure our own success in terms of the value that we add to our clients. The key question that we ask ourselves during our internal review after each assignment is whether we have left that client in a better situation than existed before our involvement.

The skills set that we bring to our clients include an analytical approach, experience in the design and application of processes and the ability to implement new approaches to the solution of operational problems for our clients.

This is exemplified in our payoff line “ITS HOW YOU DO IT”.  In addition, our integrity and values are highly valued by our clients. We get many repeat assignments as a result of this approach.

Process design is of course not limited to the financial industries. While there is a wide scope for the application of our skills in the economy, we continue to focus on the improvement of the efficiency of administration for businesses that consult with us.  We believe that there is great potential in the improvement of the administrative bases of many enterprises - no matter what the particular service or product may be that they are producing. In fact, we often find that the more technical the product or service is, the more the administration of the business tends to be relegated to a chore rather than an integrated part of the pursuit of excellence.

Our services are essential in the pursuit of accreditation to the levels of ISO Standards. This is welcomed particularly in the African context, where the challenge is to transform the African economy to a world-class level of efficiency. Good process design and implementation makes it easier to create and transfer the skills required to employees who have in the main not had the advantage of high level training and need to become proficient at their jobs as quickly as possible. Proper documentation of the administrative processes makes it possible for enterprises to make the most out of their resources and to compete on a much better basis