Protos is a computer based software tool used to document, analyze, and enhance existing processes. Protos may not just be used for mapping and documenting processes but also for including performance indicators, proving compliance with legislation, company reorganization and many others.

Protos assists an organization to safeguard its intellectual capital by ensuring that all knowledge regarding processes and activities is recorded in detail. Without proper documentation, the only repository of this information is in the heads of the employees. Thus, losing an employee, temporarily or permanently, would not mean losing the know-how.

Protos is useful in the way that reports are easily generated. Reports can be generated in MS Word format or in HTML format


  • A process manual and so assist with ISO compliancy [More]

  • A training manual [More]

  • Assist with audit and risk control [More]

  • Assist with the safeguarding of intellectual capital [More]

  • Dissemination of PROTOS [More]

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Protos be integrated with other systems?
Protos cannot be integrated with another system, but Pallas-Athena has another tool, FLOWer, which enables an organizations work flow to be integrated with its current systems. Activate, another product from Pallas Athena, is the tool used to convert your documented processes to workflow applications that is then used with FLOWer.

Can organizations’ structure, functions & staff be modeled with Protos?
Yes this is possible with Protos. Organisation modeler enables staff names to be specified and staff can be allocated to their relevant functions. Allocate staff to roles in process models & fix objectives.

Can Visio models be imported into Protos?
Yes this is possible. What's more MS Excel can be imported into Protos.

Can the documented processes be published on our organisations’ intranet or extranet?
Yes, this can be done very easily.

What reporting options are available with Protos?
The documented processes can be reported via RTF into the MS Word format. Processes can furthermore be reported into an HTML format. It is also possible to produce a RACI report reflecting roles and responsibilities, as well as a data flow report including when information is created, updated, read or deleted.

Can an organisations’ core & non-core activities be distinguished from each other in Protos ?
Organizations activities can be easily distinguished from each other.

Can documents, data, applications etc be publicized in the processes?
The processes documented can be manipulated in such a way that documents, data elements, files/ folders, and applications can be shown in your processes or they can be hidden.

Can Protos report to MS Excel?

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Rock Consulting consists of a team of highly experienced consultants able to provide essential support with regard to the automation of processes. Rock Consulting is also available to do the mapping of processes and training of your staff on your behalf.

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